How to Install Linux

Linux is an open source and free operating system to install which allows anyone with programming knowledge to modify and create its own operating system as per their requirements. Over many years, it has become more user-friendly and supports a lot of features such as

  1. Reliable when used with servers
  2. No need of antivirus
  3. A Linux server can run nonstop with the boot for many years.

It has many distributions such as Ubuntu, Fedora, Redhat, Debian but all run on top of Linux server itself. Installation of every distribution is similar, thus we are explaining Ubuntu here.

So let’s get started using this wonderful operating system by any of the following methods.

A. Install Linux Using CD-ROM or USB Stick

Download .iso or the ISO files on a computer from the internet and store it in the CD-ROM or USB stick after making it bootable using Pen Drive Linux and UNetBootin

ISO files on computer

1. Boot into the USB Stick

You need to restart your computer after attaching CD –ROM or pen drive into the computer. Press enter at the time of boot, here select the CD-ROM or pen drive option to start the further boot process. Try for a manual boot setting by holding F12 key to start the boot process. This will allow you to select from various boot options before starting the system. All the options either it is USB or CD ROM or number of operating systems you will get a list from which you need to select one.Note:-
You will see a new screen when your computer boots up called “GNU GRUB”, a boot loader that handles installations for Linux. This screen will only appear in case there is more than one operating system.

  • Set the keyboard layout.
  • Now you will be asked What apps would you like to install to start with Linux? The two options are ‘Normal installation’ and ‘Minimal installation’.
Normal installation and Minimal installation

2. Derive Selection

Select the drive for installation of OS to be completed. Select “Erase Disk and install Ubuntu” in case you want to replace the existing OS otherwise select “Something else” option and click INSTALL NOW.

installation of OS

3. Start Installation

  • A small panel will ask for confirmation. Click Continue in case you don’t want to change any information provided. Select your location on the map and install Linux.
  • Provide the login details.
Install Linux Step 1

4. Complete the installation process

After the installation is complete you will see a prompt to restart the computer.

Install Linux Step 2

You can also download drivers of your choice through the System Settings menu. Just follow these steps:

Additional Drivers > select the graphics driver from the list.

Many useful drivers will be available in the list, such as Wi-Fi drivers.

There are many other options also available to use and install Linux

B. Install Linux Using Virtual Box VMWARE

In this way, nothing will affect your Windows operating system.

What Are Requirements?

  • Good internet connection
  • At least 4GB RAM
  • At least 12GB of free space


1. Download the VIRTUAL BOX from original ORACLE VIRTUAL BOX site. You can refer below link


2. Install Linux Using Virtual Box

Use the .iso file or ISO file that can be downloaded from the internet and start the virtual box.


Here we need to allocate RAM to virtual OS. It should be 2 GB as per minimum requirement.

minimum requiremen
  • Choose an option under Create a virtual disk.
Create a virtual disk.
  • Choose a type of storage on physical hard disk. And choose the disk size(min 12 GB as per requirement)
physical hard disk
  • Click on create option and then click on the START button to start the virtual box and browse to the location of the .iso file of the OS.
Click on create option
  • Now Linux OS will start, Click on install option.
Click on INSTALL option
Install linux
  • Select the drive for completing the OS installation. Select “Erase Disk and install Ubuntu” in case you want to replace the existing OS otherwise select “Something else” option and click INSTALL NOW.
installation type
installation type 2
keyboard layout
  • Click on Continue.
  • Choose a username and password.
username and password

You are almost done. It should take 10-15 minutes to complete the installation. Once the installation finishes, restart the system.

almost done.

NOTE: In case of any issue close and again start the virtual box.

The Linux operating systems now offer millions of programs/applications to choose from, most of them free to install! Linux is also the OS of choice for Server environments due to its stability and reliability (Mega-companies like Amazon, Facebook, and Google use Linux for their Servers). It proves to be a good choice for everyone.

Thats all!

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